Service of instant indexation in Google
  • Do you dream about instant indexation in Google with ZERO efforts?

Details: we add our domain to, create our page MyPage that do 301-redirect to your page YourPage and do "Fetch as Google" of MyPage. Google immediately goes to MyPage and is automatically redirected to YourPage, so in fact google's bot immediately goes to YourPage. And if averything is good YourPage is indexed almost immediately after that.

As we see this new method works almost the same as previous one that used (is closed by Google now) and it has the same safety.

Even thousands of pages is not a problem for us!

How much does it cost?
One addurl costs only 0.02$!
Test addurl for FREE

After registration we present you money for 20 urls. This is enough to test that our service is very effective and convenient.

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Two main modes of work

1. Adding list of urls to addurl

Use it if you have already selected list of urls and you want to addurl them one time.

It is available for registered users at Add new task

2. Adding any page of your site on regular monitoring and addurl of all new urls

After adding your map-url to our system starts to monitor it every 30 minutes to find new urls. All new urls (but no more than 2000) are automatically added to our service at the general price (if after 3 days we've found 50 new links on you map-url the service automatically will create new task with that 50 links and you'll be charged the price 50 x price of adding one url). With such an approach all of your pages appear in Google Index very quickly.

Your map-url can be in one of types:

  • Url of any page of your site. For example main page of your site. Or sitemap in format of html. Usually it is very quick and effective approuch if all your new pages appears on main page (for example if you have blog). We suppose url to be any in tag <a href= .

  • Text file. With one url in every new line.

  • Site map in format of sitemap.xml. Description of this format available at

  • RSS-feed of your site.

Our service determines type of your page automatically.

It is available for registered users at Maps

Affiliate program = 10% for term of life

Get 10% for term of life from all the money spent by your referal (person that you have attracted to the service).

It is available for registered users at Affiliate

Very effective - in general google add to index added url + all the urls on the domain of main url that are linked from that main url

Same as google, we can not guarantee that your pages will appear to google index. But our experience of tens of thousands addurls gives as follow information: if you site is not under the google filters your page will appear in google index in a few minutes, maximum hours. Moreover - in general google add to index added url + all the urls on the domain of main url that are linked from that main url!

API - work with service through our API

We have API - api description. Add your urls through your own programs with ease!